Smart Energy Management System

2021-11-03 10:44:11 jact_elec

Smart Energy Management System

The Smart Energy Management System of Wuxi JACT Electric Co., Ltd. combines clean energy and information technology and is comprehensively used in the overall energy management practice of the park. The main functions include:

  • Data collection and control of Smart Energy Management System

Focusing on energy, network and users, including monitoring the user's entire energy supply system, realizing the process management and operation management of the entire system, improving the management methods of the energy supply system, and realizing that the intelligent energy management platform is an integration of management and control based on the application of Internet technology.

The platform, which realizes the overall optimization from production capacity, energy network to energy system. Increase scheduling efficiency to facilitate senior management decision-making.

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  • Monitoring network architecture of Smart Energy Management System

The system is mainly composed of four layers: perception layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer.
1) The perception layer includes an integrated data acquisition, measurement analysis and real-time control system, and the main components are instrumentation equipment and on-site PLC controllers.
2) The network layer can transmit real-time data to the dispatch management center through various network systems, and the management center can also send control instructions to the on-site controller through the network system to execute control and adjustment instructions.
3) The platform layer is responsible for receiving data from various field monitoring equipment, storing real-time operating parameters in the data, providing basic data for subsequent management, analysis, and control, and storing, analyzing, alarming, and printing reports.
4) The application layer is the direct use layer of the operating personnel, which performs continuous dynamic analysis on the uploaded data in real time, and can issue adjustment instructions based on the analysis results.

  • Control function of Smart Energy Management System

1) The system obtains the theoretical function system load situation by calculating various parameters of each subsystem and the parameters of the entire heating system, and adjusts the actual load number of each system and which systems are turned on according to it.

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Various functional systems can be switched and operated automatically and regularly according to the load rate. On the basis of ensuring energy saving, the service life of each system is prolonged.

2) The system adopts a general control system with functions such as signal acquisition and conversion, logic control, VPN private network, and GPRS communication interface.

The monitoring center realizes parameter adjustment and remote control functions for each system through broadband or GPRS communication, and realizes unattended control requirements.

3) Smart Energy Management System is the cornerstone of the entire urban energy network. Integrated development is carried out through GIS technology and heating model, and the advantages of both are fully utilized to realize the process management and operation management of the entire energy system.

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