What should I pay attention to when operating the Servo system?

2021-11-03 10:15:10 jact_elec

What should I pay attention to when operating the Servo system?

Servo system is more and more widely used in industry, so what should we pay attention to when operating Servo system?

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Precautions for Servo System Control

Generally, servo has three control modes: speed control mode, torque control mode, and position control mode.

1. Speed control


1) The speed loop gain Pn102 is usually set higher to make the whole system respond faster and the motor rigidity will also be enhanced. But a large gain may cause the system to vibrate. Generally, set this parameter to be larger when the load inertia is large.

2) Speed loop integral time Pn103, its function is to eliminate static error, the larger the value, the slower the response and the longer the time to reach the command. Generally, the larger the load inertia, the larger the integral time should be set.

3) When the host computer is in closed loop, try not to set the soft start deceleration time parameters Pn306, Pn307.

4) If there is no host computer for closed loop, and it is hoped that the motor can be completely stopped through the analog quantity, then zero clamp or proportional control must be adopted.

5) When the upper computer is used for position closed loop, the analog value cannot be automatically adjusted to zero.

2. Torque control


1) Torque control should first pay attention to limiting the motor speed. The motor speed can be limited by analog or by setting parameters.

2) The smaller the value of torque command gain Pn400 is set, the larger the torque corresponding to the same analog quantity.

3. Position control


1. The displacement of each point is composed of two parameters. The actual programmed displacement is composed of the algebraic sum of the two parameters. Pay attention to the unit of the two parameters.

2. Pay attention to the speed of searching the reference point. If the speed is too high, you can set the soft start acceleration and deceleration to reduce the impact on the machine.

3. In point control, 1CN can be realized without any input or output.

4. At present, it can only change steps in sequence.

5. The user can communicate with the servo through the Modbus protocol through the touch screen, and then modify the position, speed, etc. through the touch screen.

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