Servo driver wiring precautions

2021-11-03 10:14:39 jact_elec

Servo driver wiring precautionsServo driver
1. Please use shielded wires as signal wires and encoder input wires. Wiring length: The length of the signal wire from NC to AC Servo driver is less than 3M, and the length of input wire from AC drive to encoder is less than 20M.

2. Please use a thick wire as the grounding wire as much as possible. Please use the single-point grounding method to connect the grounding wire in accordance with the third grounding standard (ground resistance<100Ω). If the motor and the machine are insulated, please ground the motor.

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3. In order to prevent malfunctions caused by interference pulses, please take the following measures: If the Servo driver uses the same power supply as the electric welding machine, electrical discharge processing equipment, etc., or although the same power supply is not used, there are high-frequency interference equipment nearby, please use insulation Material isolation transformer and power filter. The wiring distance between high-current cables (power cables, motor cables, etc.) and signal cables should exceed 30 cm, not in the same wiring slot. Please pay attention to the terminal connection of the analog input signal cable (because the analog input signal is very susceptible to high frequency interference).
4. After the wiring is completed, check all the wiring to confirm whether the plug-in terminals are in a separate circuit, whether the welding terminals and crimping terminals are in good condition, whether the screws are tightened, and whether the plug-in parts are connected. Please check the motor correctly and whether the polarity of the encoder is correctly connected.
5. Confirm that the phase sequence of the motor meets the requirements of the Servo driver, otherwise the motor will not run.
The complexity of the Industrial Servo system structure determines the complexity of its design process. The design of the actual Industrial Servo system is difficult to complete successfully in the first time, and often requires multiple modifications and debugging to obtain satisfactory results.
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