Servo motor 6 selection points

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Servo motor 6 selection points

Servo system is a feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a certain process. The servo system is an automatic control system that enables the output controlled quantity of the object's position, orientation, state, etc. to follow the arbitrary change of the input target (or given value). Its main task is to amplify, transform and adjust the power according to the requirements of the control command, so that the torque, speed and position control of the drive device is very flexible and convenient.

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The motor servo driver is a part of the servo system and is used to control the servo motor. Its function is similar to that of a frequency converter acting on an ordinary AC motor. It is mainly used in high-precision positioning systems. Generally, the servo motor is controlled through three methods of position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system. It is currently a product of transmission technology.  

Choosing a suitable servo drive needs to consider all aspects, which are mainly selected according to the requirements of the system. Before selecting the model, first analyze the following system requirements, such as size, power supply, power, control mode, etc., to determine the direction for the model selection . Let's take a look at the various parameters of the servo drive summarized by Jact-Synchronous servo drive manufacturer.

Wide application range  

The addition of the new auto-tuning function makes it possible to make the most appropriate adjustments to devices with low rigidity! ! 

Outstanding stability  

Even machines that have undergone changes over the years or devices with different differences* can achieve stable operation without oscillations. Free and easy operation  

The newly launched portable servo operator makes the operation easier and more unrestrained!

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PTP positioning  

Standard built-in positioning function  

Because it is a standard product, there is no need to purchase positioning units and positioning accessories.

Simple operation Modbus-RTU communication  

Through Modbus-RTU communication, you can perform various operations such as PTP positioning operation, parameter editing, and various monitoring only by directly connecting HMI, PLC, PC controller, etc. to the servo amplifier.

Features of Servo Motor Driver  

1. The positioning function is configured on the servo amplifier. The positioning data of the servo amplifier can be used to feed the film even if there is no positioning controller.  

2. Saving wiring. Because the basic positioning is carried out through Modbus-RTU communication, wiring man-hours can be reduced.  

Based on this information, we can roughly select the servo drive that matches the motor. In addition, pay attention to the working environment, temperature and humidity, and whether the size of the installation is appropriate.  

The choice of the drive is not only to consider whether the drive is matched with the motor, but also to consider the control method. The servo drive has three control modes: position, speed, and torque mode. Torque mode and speed can be set through external analog input or communication commands. The position mode is to determine the speed and length of motion by the frequency and number of pulses. In the torque mode, the motor outputs a fixed torque, which cannot control the position and speed. Position mode has very strict control on speed and position, and is generally used for positioning devices. The appropriate control method can be selected according to the needs of the system and the type of upper control.  

Servo drives are becoming more and more intelligent. They not only support various types of servo motors, but are also compatible with multiple types of feedback. They can receive analog, PWM, pulse + direction and software commands. The communication supports CANopen, Ethercat, etc. Provides three-loop control and reversing function, in smart one-key tuning, etc. It is very convenient to use and has high control accuracy, which greatly improves the performance of the system and saves a lot of time for developers.

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