JACT high-performance CQ Special frequency converter for spinning frame

2021-10-12 13:57:56 jact_elec

JACT high-performance CQ Special frequency converter for spinning frameThe small vector control inverter with special functions for JACT high-performance textile machines provides suitable drive to prevent machinery. It can drive synchronous motors and induction motors. It is equipped with swing frequency function as standard. Complete instantaneous power failure countermeasures achieve excellent control and provide you with various Professional solutions.

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Excellent performance

Can drive synchronous motors and induction motors

1 multi-purpose

The dedicated frequency converter for CQ spinning machine can be adapted to various motors. In addition to induction motors, it can also drive synchronous motors (IPM motors, SPM motors) that have always used dedicated frequency converters. Therefore, the inverter has strong versatility and realizes the universalization of inverter spare parts.

Standard swing frequency function

Using the swing frequency function, the wire can be wound evenly and neatly

Complete instantaneous power failure countermeasures

Using the KEB function of mechanical inertia (movement) energy, the motor will not run idly and can continue to run even if there is an instantaneous power failure

High reliability

Long-life design in consideration of the environment, simple maintenance

Environmentally resistant reinforced products

It comes standard with enhanced products that are resistant to humidity and dust, and is equipped with a heat sink type.

Fanless design and wall-mounted installation can better meet the requirements of rotating environments.

Using international leading technology vector control algorithm, high performance and high precision motor control. Effectively improve the EMC system, greatly reduce interference, and improve the adaptability of the system.

Rich monitoring functions

In addition to the output frequency and output current, the cumulative power consumption, input and output terminal status, and other operating conditions can also be monitored, with stronger functions.

In addition, the status of failure can be monitored and the failure history can be saved up to 10 times, which is helpful for maintenance.

Check function

In the verification mode, the parameters that have been changed on-site settings can be uniformly confirmed. It can also display parameters that are automatically changed through self-learning and selection according to usage. Confirmation of changed parameters is simple and reliable.

Reduce downtime

The detachable terminal block with parameter backup function is adopted, even if the inverter fails, there is no need to disassemble the control wiring and set the parameters!

Ensure that the inverter can be replaced in a short time.


Various field networks

Standard configuration of RS-422/485 communication function (MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol), and then by installing a communication option card, it can correspond to the main open field network

In addition, a 24V control power supply device (optional) that can cut off only the circuit power supply is available. Even in the event of a power failure, information can be monitored by the upper PLC

Compliance with safety standards

For the first time, this level of inverter is equipped with safety input functions that comply with EN954-1 Cat.3 and IEC/EN6150SIL2. And can reduce the peripheral equipment, so it is easy to meet the mechanical safety standards

Multiple inverters can be set easily through the copy device with USB

Use the copy device (optional) with USB to easily copy the parameter setting content of the inverter to other inverters.

Thanks to the USB converter, it can be connected to the USB port of the computer

With the help of a computer, make adjustment and maintenance easier

If you use DriveWizard, an engineering tool for inverters, the computer can manage the parameter settings of multiple inverters in a unified manner.

In addition, it is also equipped with full mode operation and oscillometric functions, making the adjustment and maintenance of the inverter easier