Nine kinds of protection functions of the inverter to the motor

2021-08-23 14:25:18 jact_elec

Nine kinds of protection functions of the inverter to the motor

Nowadays, the application of industrial frequency converter has been very extensive, mainly because of its energy-saving effect and the application of some industrial control systems, and the frequency converter is a protection device for the motor. So do you know what kind of protection the inverter protects the motor?

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1. Overcurrent protection

When the current of the motor exceeds 150% of the rated value for 3 seconds, or 200% of the rated current for 10 microseconds, the inverter protects the motor by stopping.

2. Overvoltage protection:

The output of the inverter has a voltage detection function, and the inverter can automatically adjust the output voltage so that the motor does not withstand overvoltage. Even when the output voltage adjustment fails and the output voltage exceeds 110% of the normal voltage, the inverter will protect the motor by stopping.

3. Undervoltage protection

When the voltage of the motor is lower than 90% of the normal voltage, the inverter protects and stops.

4. Input and output phase loss protection

Monitor the input and output voltages. When the input and output voltages lack phase, the inverter will alarm and stop to protect the motor.

5. Output short circuit protection

After the output of the inverter is short-circuited, it will inevitably cause overcurrent, and the inverter will protect the motor by stopping within 10 microseconds.

6. Overload protection

When the motor is under long-term low-speed heavy load, long-term overload, or motor blockage, the inverter will report an overload protection fault to protect the motor and extend its life.

7. Grounding protection

The inverter is equipped with a special grounding protection circuit, which is generally composed of a grounding protection transformer and a relay. When one or two phases are grounded, the inverter will alarm. Of course, if the user requires, we can also design to protect the shutdown immediately after grounding.

8. Overclocking protection

The inverter has the maximum and minimum frequency limit function, so that the output frequency can only be within the specified range, thereby realizing the overfrequency protection function.

9. Lightning impact protection

Some brands of inverters are equipped with lightning overvoltage protection devices, which have certain self-protection capabilities for induced lightning.

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