JACT-AT550 energy-saving AC inverter with extraordinary performance

2021-09-22 14:06:52 jact_elec

JACT-AT550 energy-saving AC inverter with extraordinary performanceThis "wiring ready to use" JACT-AT550 energy-saving AC inverter can realize the adjustable speed, power saving and energy saving of small machinery with simple operation.

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1.Complete functions, based on convenient operation and machine protection

Compact design

One inverter adopts two heavy-duty rated specifications that can select light load (ND) rating and heavy load (HD) rating. According to the customer's machine type, the parameters can be easily set.

If ND rating is selected, it can be applied to motors with a higher capacity. The volume is small, and it can be arranged side by side to reduce the volume of the control cabinet.

Simple operation

In the parameter setting mode, the basic parameters required for inverter operation can be simply set. Convenience of "just connect to use". A verification function (comparison function) that can easily confirm the parameters that have been changed from the factory settings.

Caring for the environment

Standard products comply with the RoHS (Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Europe) directive.

The Swing PWM method that suppresses electromagnetic noise can solve the problem of harsh sound.

Noise comparison between conventional method and Swing PWM method

2.Support stable operation

Easy to start even with heavy loads

All areas • When the fully automatic torque boost is running, whether it is acceleration or deceleration or constant speed, high torque will be generated and the machine will start smoothly.

Realize low speed 1.5Hz 100% torque, 3Hz 150% torque (HD rating).

Complete braking function

Due to the over-excitation braking function, emergency braking can be achieved even without braking resistor. And all models have built-in braking transistors, so you can get a lot of braking force by adding a braking resistor.
Deceleration time range of overexcitation braking function

Perfect protection function

The standard inrush current suppression circuit can prevent the inverter from malfunctioning even if the power supply is unstable.

3.Easy to debug and maintain functions

Easy maintenance

It can monitor and inspect the maintenance time of capacitors, cooling fans, intrusion prevention relays, and IGBTs. The detachable cooling fan is installed on the upper part of the inverter and can be easily exchanged without removing the main circuit wiring.

Suppress high-order harmonics of power supply

Can be connected to AC reactor (optional), DC reactor (optional).

Safe stop in case of power failure

Equipped with the KEB (Kinetic Energy Back-up) function that the motor does not run freely during a power failure, but can quickly and safely decelerate to a stop

4. Easy-to-use options

Frequency setting potentiometer (optional)

The frequency setting potentiometer can be installed. The operating frequency can not only be adjusted by parameters, but also can be adjusted with a potentiometer, which simplifies field debugging.

LED operator*1 (optional)

If using the LED operator, it can be operated within 3m from the inverter.

If it is set on the panel of the control cabinet, the operation and monitoring of the inverter in the cabinet can be performed without opening the cabinet door.

If you use DriveWizard Plus, the inverter engineering tool, you can use a computer to make the commissioning and maintenance of the inverter easier. It is convenient for parameter management, and is also equipped with mode operation, oscilloscope function, etc.

Can be used for RS-422/485 communication (optional)

Applicable to MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol.

It can be used after using the interface unit (optional).

In line with international standards

Applicable to MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol.

It conforms to international standards such as CE, UL, cUL, and can be used with confidence worldwide.

If you are interested in this JACT-AT550 energy-saving AC inverter, please leave a message on the official website and we will reply you in time.