JACT AT550 High performance Vector AC drive

2021-10-12 14:09:21 jact_elec

JACT AT550 High performance Vector AC driveThe Jact "AT550" inverter, which explores a new drive field with high performance, is here!

High-efficiency operation, excellent performance, waiting for your personal experience, this is the high-quality JACT inverter.

"AT550" is a high-performance, highly integrated AC current vector control general-purpose inverter.

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Excellent motor drive performance

Realize the control of all motors-whether it is a synchronous motor or a synchronous motor, it can achieve high-performance current vector control.

Equipped with abundant self-learning functions

Built-in a variety of self-learning methods, whether it is asynchronous motor or synchronous motor, can give full play to the driving performance.

The self-learning content also includes the customer’s machinery, equipped with new ways of online self-learning.

Instantaneous power failure measures suitable for the purpose

Two kinds of instantaneous power failure compensation functions can be selected, and asynchronous motor or synchronous motor sensorless control can be used for instantaneous power failure compensation of 2 seconds*.

Environmental performance of AT550 inverter

Energy saving

Advanced motor drive technology, using the energy-saving control of the inverter, can realize the high-efficiency operation of the induction motor.

More energy saving when used in synchronous motors.The simultaneous use of high-efficiency synchronous motors and energy-saving control of the inverter can further improve the energy-saving effect than induction motors.

Environmental resistance

Equipped with enhanced products that are resistant to humidity, dust, oil, vibration, etc.

At the same time, products with protective structure such as dust-proof and drip-proof IP54* are available.Comply with RoHS directive.

Standard products comply with RoHS (Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Europe) Directive

Reduce noise

Swing PWM method is adopted, which reduces the harsh noise while suppressing electromagnetic interference.

A compact design that accelerates the realization of machine miniaturization.

Combining a miniaturized inverter with a small, light-weight synchronous motor can speed up the process of machine miniaturization

By installing side by side, the installation volume can be further reduced.

Equipped with no heat sink type, dual rated functions, making the machine more compact.

Equipped with a USB port for easy connection to a computer

Connect to computer via USB port

Reliable braking function

Using over-excitation braking function, emergency braking without braking resistor

Expanded models with built-in braking transistors, if you add a braking resistor, you can get more braking force

Long life design

Inverter design life: 10 years.

Motor life-Synchronous motor has no copper loss in the rotor and low bearing temperature, so the life of the motor bearing is about twice that of the induction motor, and a warning signal for diagnosis and prediction of the life is output.