Why use frequency converter?

2021-10-20 14:28:46 jact_elec

Why use frequency converter?Since the invention of electricity, the storage of electrical energy can only be done in direct current mode. How to convert DC power to AC power supply equipment has always been a problem before the appearance of variable frequency inverter devices. The difficulty is not the realization of the scheme, but the improvement of efficiency.

At present, by using a frequency converter, the elevator has improved its acceleration curve when starting/stopping, making the car run more smoothly, so that people can get a more comfortable riding experience; with

the help of the frequency converter device to adjust the fan motor speed to make it run And the speed change is smoother and more relaxed; the hybrid vehicle adds a variable frequency inverter device to convert the

DC power in the battery into AC power, and the driving motor and the engine work at the same time, easily achieving the acceleration that could only be achieved by a super-horsepower engine before.

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In the industrial field, frequency converters that also have a huge base are serving all walks of life to improve people's lives.

In simple terms, users use inverters mainly to solve these problems:

Production process needs

The frequency converter needs to help the machine equipment to complete some of the most basic application functions in industrial production.

  • speed control.

Due to the difference in production cycle and product materials, the equipment needs to flexibly adjust the operating speed of material conveying.
By adding a frequency converter to the power supply side of the material conveying motor, with its variable frequency AC output, the speed of the material conveying motor can be adjusted at any time as needed, so as to realize the flexible adjustment of the material conveying speed.

  • Torque control

In some applications such as rewinding and unwinding, it is necessary to accurately control the tension of the material. The conventional method is to use a tension controller (such as a magnetic powder tension controller); and now more and more users are beginning to use frequency converters for tension control.

Energy saving and efficiency

For most fans/water pumps, if you need to adjust the air volume or flow rate, as long as it is not kept running at a constant speed, the use of inverters can achieve very good energy-saving effects.

Nowadays, more and more cruise ships and engineering ships adopt electric propulsion devices.

Through the use of frequency conversion devices, the power generated by the internal combustion engine is rectified and converted to the propulsion motor, and then the propellers are driven to drive the ship.

Compared with the traditional internal combustion engine to directly drive the propeller, this method seems to be an unnecessary move and increases energy consumption; in fact, this is precisely the use of the high

efficiency of the motor, which greatly reduces the output power of the motor while reducing the propeller speed.

At the same time, the internal combustion engine is always working at the best efficiency point, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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