Why choose Permanent magnet synchronous motor

2021-11-03 10:26:26 jact_elec

Why choose Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor uses permanent magnets to provide excitation, which makes the motor structure simpler, reduces processing and assembly costs, and eliminates the problem-prone collector ring and brushes, which improves the reliability of motor operation;

and because there is no need for excitation Electric current, no excitation loss, improves the efficiency and power density of the motor.

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Permanent magnet synchronous motor can install the motor integrally on the axle to form an integral direct drive system, that is, one axle is a drive unit, eliminating the need for a gear box.

The advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motor are as follows:

1. Permanent magnet synchronous motor itself has high power efficiency and high power factor;

2. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has low heat, so the motor cooling system has simple structure, small size and low noise;

3. The system adopts a fully enclosed structure, no transmission gear wear, no transmission gear noise, no lubricating oil, no maintenance;

4. The allowable overload current of Permanent magnet synchronous motor is large, and the reliability is significantly improved;

5. The entire transmission system is light in weight, the unsprung weight is also lighter than that of the traditional axle drive, and the power per unit weight is greater;

6. Since there is no gear box, the bogie system can be designed at will: such as flexible bogies and single-axle bogies, which greatly improves the power performance of the train.

7. Due to the use of permanent magnetic material poles, especially the use of rare earth metal permanent magnets (such as neodymium iron boron, etc.), its magnetic energy product is high, and a higher air gap magnetic flux density can be obtained. Small size and light weight.

8. The rotor has no copper loss and iron loss, and there is no friction loss of the collector ring and brush, and the operation efficiency is high.

The moment of inertia is small, the allowable impulse torque is large, high acceleration can be obtained, the dynamic performance is good, the structure is compact, and the operation is reliable.

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