Servo system introduction

2021-11-03 10:26:58 jact_elec

Servo system introduction

Servo system is a feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a certain process.

Servo system is an automatic control system that enables the output controlled quantity of the object's position, orientation, and state to follow the arbitrary change of the input target (or given value). Its main task is to amplify, transform and adjust the power according to the requirements of the control command, so that the torque, speed and position control of the drive device output is very flexible and convenient.

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Main features of Servo system

1. Servo system uses low-power command signals to control high-power loads;

2. In the absence of mechanical connection, the remote output shaft is controlled by the input shaft to realize remote synchronous transmission;

3. Make the output mechanical displacement accurately track electrical signals, such as recording and indicating instruments.

4. Accurate detection device: to form a closed-loop control of speed and position; there are multiple feedback comparison principles and methods: according to the principle of the detection device to achieve information feedback, the Servo system feedback comparison method is also different. There are three commonly used types: pulse comparison, phase comparison and amplitude comparison;

5. High-performance servo motor: For high-efficiency and complex surface processing CNC machine tools, Servo system will often be in the process of frequent starting and braking. The ratio of the output torque of the motor to the moment of inertia is required to be large in order to generate a large enough acceleration or braking torque. The servo motor is required to have a large enough output torque and run smoothly at low speed, so as to minimize the intermediate links in the connection with the mechanical moving part;

6. Speed adjustment system with wide speed range, namely speed Servo system: From the control structure of the system, the position closed-loop system of CNC machine tools can be regarded as a double closed-loop automatic control system with position adjustment as outer loop and speed adjustment as inner loop. , Its internal actual working process is to convert the position control input into the corresponding speed given signal, and then drive the servo motor through the speed control system to realize the actual displacement. The main motion of CNC machine tools requires high speed control performance, so Servo system is required to be a high-performance wide speed control system.

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