Advantages of Servo driver application on laser cutting machine

2020-12-22 12:51:00 jact_elec

Advantages of Servo driver application on laser cutting machine

In the exchange of Servo driver, the application of the advantages of laser cutting machines, and then the technology of laser cutting, has been developed and established on the basis of the common progress of computer control, laser, optics, electric power, electronics and so on. The Industrial Servo system also has a very important role.
The laser cutting machine is irradiated by a laser beam to make the work piece reach the melting point or boiling point on the surface of the work piece. As the beam and the space move the corresponding position, the material is used to form a slit. Way to achieve the ultimate goal of cutting.

The speed of light has now replaced some of the more traditional mechanical knives. The accuracy will be higher, and the cutting will be faster. It will not be limited to some cutting patterns. The automatic layout saves materials, and the cuts are also very smooth, so The processing cost will also be lower. However, applying Servo driver to laser cutting machine has the following advantages.

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1. Steel structure bed: plate welding splicing heat treatment, and the surface treatment will be thickened steel plate all tailored welding structure is very strong, and the ability to resist deformation is stronger, so the stability is stronger.
2. Helical gear transmission: This product has a very strong load-bearing capacity, so it is also durable, the transmission is very stable and the impact and existence ability is very strong, the use period is also very long, and the transmission process is very stable and impact Vibration and noise are also very small, and the accuracy is also high.
3. Gantry dual-drive drive: Y-axis dual-servo motors simultaneously drive more powerful than power, and when ensuring high-speed cutting, the speed and stability are very good.
4. With Dongyuan high-inertia and high-speed motors, it can meet the cutting needs and accuracy requirements of various customers, and the whole operation is more stable.
5. After the rigidity adjustment, the parameters will also have very good stability. The parameters of different machines are basically universal, so the debugging will be more convenient in this respect, and the cost-effectiveness is relatively high. Jact-Servo system corporation, the Servo driver produced by Jact-Servo supports one-step parameter debugging and simple operation.
Therefore, Servo driver application in laser cutting technology is more advantageous, which can make the work more efficient, and the Servo driver application in laser cutting technology takes a long time, and is no longer restricted by some patterns or accuracy. . In this way, it is more convenient and faster to work, and the speed will be greatly improved.