Types and uses of servo motors

2021-11-01 07:00:41 jact_elec

Types and uses of servo motors

Servo motors can be divided into two types: DC servo motors and AC servo motors.

DC servo motor

A servo motor driven by a brushed DC (direct current) motor. DC motors are easier to control than AC motors, and are small in size and low in price, so they were widely used in the past, but with the development of AC motor control technology, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to use them now.

AC servo motor

Servo motor driven by AC (alternating current) motor. Its control is more complicated than DC motors, but with the development of control technology, it is now the most commonly used servo motor.
AC servo motors can be divided into synchronous servo drive (SM) type and induction servo drive type according to the type of drive motor. The difference between the two is whether permanent magnets are used.

Synchronous (SM) type uses permanent magnets. The greater the output power of the motor, the more expensive permanent magnets are used, so the cost is higher.

Therefore, it is mostly used in areas with small output power (less than 10kW). Nowadays, with the emergence of high-performance permanent magnets, the synchronous type has become the mainstream product.

The induction (IM) type does not use permanent magnets and is used in areas with high output power (above 10kW).

Servo motor use

The advantage of servo motors is precise positioning control, so they are widely used in the control of industrial robots and precision machinery.