What is Vector inverter

2021-11-03 10:31:53 jact_elec

What is Vector inverter

Vector inverter technology is based on the DQ axis theory. Its basic idea is to decompose the current of the motor into D axis current and Q axis current. The D axis current is the excitation current and the Q axis current is the torque current. The excitation current and torque current of the AC motor are controlled separately, so that the AC motor has similar control characteristics as the DC motor.

The vector control system adopts a double closed-loop control system.

In this system, the measured motor speed is generated by the vector calculator to generate the given value of the magnetic field-oriented stator current component and the given value of the slip angle frequency, and the measured motor speed is integrated to obtain the rotor flux position angle θ, And sent to the rotation transformation link.

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Application of Vector inverter:

Vector control platform products are powerful and excellent in performance, and can be widely used in small and medium-sized power applications, such as food machinery, plastic machinery, ceramic equipment, petroleum machinery, cable machinery, air compressors, machine tools, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging equipment , Chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, transportation equipment, etc.

1. Advanced vector motor control algorithm, high-performance, high-precision motor control; open loop V/F and SVC control, closed loop FVC control.

2. Low frequency and large torque: 150% when SVC is 0.5 Hz; 180% when FVC is 0 Hz.

3. High-power design (0.7kW-710kW), supports various motor configurations, supports multiple encoders, and can achieve high-precision closed-loop control.

4. It integrates speed control, torque control and position control, and can be widely used in synchronous and asynchronous motor control.

5. Independent air duct design, long life, large air volume cooling fan, which improves the cooling efficiency of the inverter and ensures the stable operation of the inverter.

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