Advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motor

2021-11-03 10:25:19 jact_elec

Advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motor

1. Simple and compact structure

Permanent magnet synchronous motor uses permanent magnets to generate the air gap magnetic field, with simple structure, low loss and high efficiency.

The IPM motor has a strong magnetic field saliency, and can make full use of the reluctance torque through control to obtain a higher torque output. At the same time, due to the salient pole effect, the field weakening control range of the motor is greatly increased, thereby greatly increasing the speed range of the motor.

2. High efficiency and high power factor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor combines the advantages of traditional asynchronous motors and electrically-excited synchronous motors, and can obtain speed regulation characteristics similar to or even better than that of DC motors, and the performance has been comprehensively improved.

Compared with asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors do not require reactive excitation current, can significantly improve power factor, reduce stator current and stator copper loss, and there is no rotor copper loss during stable operation, which is reduced due to the reduction of total loss The capacity of the motor cooling system reduces the corresponding additional loss. Therefore, its efficiency is 2-15% higher than that of asynchronous motors of the same specification.

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3. Strong dynamic response and overload capacity

Permanent magnet synchronous motor has stronger tolerance to torque disturbance than asynchronous motor, and can react faster.

4. Small size and light weight

With the continuous application of high-performance permanent magnet materials in recent years, the power density of permanent magnet synchronous motors has been greatly improved. Compared with asynchronous motors of the same speed and capacity, the volume and weight are greatly reduced, so that it can be used in many special occasions.

5. High reliability, low operation and maintenance costs

Compared with DC motors and electrically excited synchronous motors, Permanent magnet synchronous motors have no brushes, simplifying the structure and increasing reliability.

The direct drive system cancels the reducer, reduces the point of failure, and improves the reliability of the system. At the same time, operation and maintenance costs are reduced.

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