Why buy Smart Energy Management System

2021-11-03 10:21:12 jact_elec

Why buy Smart Energy Management System

Smart Energy Management System is based on advanced technologies such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, and big data. It collects various energy consumption monitoring points (transformation and distribution, lighting, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, gas, cold and hot water units and other energy-consuming equipment).

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Energy usage data.

Through professional data analysis and processing, Smart Energy Management System forms a statistical analysis of energy consumption classification, sub-item, time-sharing, and sub-region, and through three-dimensional visualization technology, enables enterprises to realize comprehensive digitization and visualization of energy use.

Intuitively discover the optimization points of energy use improvement, and then help enterprises optimize energy use, reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of enterprises, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency improvement.

Smart Energy Management System main functions

1. Energy consumption data collection

Support mainstream communication protocols and various communication interfaces, support wired/wireless

2. Energy consumption data statistics

Automatically count hour/day/month/year with the same ring/account

Ratio analysis, classification item area/group analysis, energy consumption ranking

3. Line loss analysis

Detecting running drips in time

4. Energy use early warning

Can set safe operation and energy use alarm threshold

Value, alarm via sound and light, SMS, APP, etc.

5. Energy consumption forecast

Provide energy consumption forecasts through algorithmic models to guide companies to purchase energy reasonably

6. Expense Center

According to the daily/monthly/yearly statistics of the energy consumption cost of each area

7. Plan performance

Develop an energy use plan to support the performance evaluation of energy use

8. Energy consumption indicators

Industry benchmarking to determine energy efficiency goals

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