Servo drive repair

2021-11-03 09:35:23 jact_elec

Servo drive repair

As a controller, servo drives are often used to control servo motors. In positioning systems that require high precision, servo drives are an important part of the servo system. Today, I will introduce the repair of the servo drive. In fact, it is more convenient to start the operation on the basis of a good maintenance test platform. The following are the methods and steps.

The first step is after a servo drive is damaged and malfunctions. Choose a good servo drive of the same model and compare them to quickly lock the faulty circuit board.

The second step is to use a multimeter to simply measure the electronic components of this faulty circuit board.

The third step is to narrow the scope according to the fault and accurately determine the chip to be replaced. For the remaining unmeasured chips, replace them one by one after eliminating the short circuit.

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If the problem is not solved, and the servo drive needs to be used urgently. The method of directly replacing the faulty board can be used. For the servo drive that has failed, perform detailed and comprehensive maintenance in the future. In fact, buying scrap or second-hand server boards in large quantities is not expensive.

Why is building a test platform a prerequisite? Because this can achieve high-volume maintenance and efficient maintenance, but also ensure a good repair effect. Secondly, only after we have a test platform, can we see the results after repairs. It is not difficult to build a test platform for industrial servo drives. Most servo drives can be tested with servo motors. If we don't repair it ourselves, it would be too expensive to equip each servo with a motor, and more space is needed. We can think of a way to test a series of servo drives with only one servo motor, so that high efficiency and low cost can be achieved.

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