What are the advantages of elevator inverters?

2021-11-03 11:07:35 jact_elec

What are the advantages of elevator inverters?

Elevator inverter is an instrument specially used for elevator control. For elevators to be comfortable, they need to accelerate slowly, which involves the problem of motor speed regulation:

1. Other speed control methods, such as series resistance speed control: It reduces the voltage inside the motor by connecting a resistor in series to reduce the speed. The disadvantage is that a certain amount of energy is consumed in the series resistance;
2. This situation does not exist with the frequency converter, it directly controls the output frequency and voltage to drive the motor, and there is no additional consumption.

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Advantages of elevator dedicated inverter:

Comfortable user experience: 0.5Hz output torque is 150%, ensuring stable operation during startup and shutdown.

◇Special brake control logic to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

◇Reliable protection function: the basic protection function of the inverter, brake resistance protection, control power protection, etc.

◇Multiple additional functions: Chinese and English voice prompts, weighing function, frequency conversion and other functions.

◇Friendly interactive interface: real-time monitoring of GPS/GPRS data (extended), automatic leveling control (extended); LCD display (extended).