5 major parts of the inverter that need to be replaced regularly

2021-11-02 17:11:18 jact_elec

5 major parts of the inverter that need to be replaced regularly

 The supplier of the inverter energy feedback device reminds you: the inverter is composed of many electronic parts, such as semiconductor components, etc., during use and maintenance, it involves the replacement of certain related parts. Due to the composition or physical characteristics of the inverter, Deterioration will occur within a certain period of time, which will reduce the characteristics of the inverter and even cause malfunctions. Therefore, in order to prevent maintenance, the following 5 major parts must be replaced regularly.

  1. Replace the capacitor

 A large-capacity electrolytic capacitor is used in the intermediate DC circuit, and its performance will be deteriorated due to factors such as pulse current. Deterioration is greatly affected by the surrounding temperature and use conditions. Generally, the service life is about 5 years. The deterioration of the capacitor develops rapidly after a certain period of time. Therefore, the longest inspection period is one year, and the end of life is less than half a year.

 2, replace the cooling fan

 The cooling fan of the semiconductor device in the main circuit of the inverter accelerates the heat dissipation and ensures normal operation below the allowable temperature. The life of the cooling fan is limited by the bearing, which is about 10,000 to 35,000 hours. When the inverter runs continuously, the fan or bearing needs to be replaced after a few years. The replacement period of the cooling fan is greatly affected by the surrounding temperature. When an abnormal sound or vibration is found during inspection, the inverter manufacturer recommends that the cooling fan must be replaced immediately.

  3. Replace the relay/contactor

 After the relay and contactor reach a certain cumulative switching times, poor contact occurs, which requires inspection and replacement.

  4. Replace the fuse

 The rated current of the fuse is large and the load current, under normal conditions of use, the life is about 10 years, it needs to be checked, maintained or even replaced within this time.

  5. Replace the timer

 The operating time of the timer will change a lot after using it for several years, so replace it after checking the operating time.