What are the advantages of high-performance AC drives?

2021-11-02 10:00:44 jact_elec

What are the advantages of high-performance AC drives?With the increasing maturity of AC variable frequency motors and AC variable frequency technology, speed-regulating motors in developed countries are basically replaced by AC variable frequency motors. Let's take a look at the advantages of JACT high-performance AC inverter:

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(1) In order to improve the grid factor, the power factor of the motor is close to 1, so there is no need to add a power factor compensator;

(2) Very suitable for textiles, fans, pumps, and compressors, which can save energy and reduce long-term operating costs;

(3) The motor current is small, then the transmission and distribution capacity can be greatly reduced, and the overall operating life of the motor can be extended;

(4) Rare earth permanent magnet high-efficiency energy-saving motors save 15% in electric energy compared with ordinary motors.

(5) Advanced vector motor control algorithm, high performance and high precision motor control; open loop V/F and SVC control, closed loop FVC control.

(6) Low frequency and large torque: 150% at SVC 0.5 Hz; 180% at FVC 0 Hz.

(7) High-power design (0.7kW-710kW), supports various motor configurations, supports multiple encoders, and can achieve high-precision closed-loop control.

(8) Integrating speed control, torque control and position control, it can be widely used in synchronous and asynchronous motor control.

(9) Independent air duct design, long life, high-volume cooling fan, which improves the cooling efficiency of the inverter and ensures the stable operation of the inverter.

If you want to learn more about high-performance AC drives, please follow the JACT official website for more new information.