JACT universal AC frequency converter for industrial fans

2021-11-01 14:15:09 jact_elec

JACT universal AC frequency converter for industrial fans

Optimize industrial ventilation energy consumption

The advantages that JACT industrial universal AC inverter solutions provide you include high precision, user-friendly interface, distributed intelligence and low operating costs.

By controlling industrial fans with JACT inverters, you can optimize the production process, save energy, and reduce maintenance costs.

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JACT universal AC frequency converter can convert the speed pressure sensor value into a flow value, and set the fan control according to a fixed flow or a fixed flow difference.

It not only improves airflow accuracy but also saves energy. In order to further improve the control level of the fan, a frequency converter connected to the fan can be installed to avoid resonance in the frequency band and damage the ventilation system or industrial fan equipment (such as scrubbers).

No trip fault protection

Power outages may endanger equipment safety and production efficiency. The frequency converter driving the pump and cooling device must be extremely stable and reliable and not affected by the power failure of the mains power supply.

In order to achieve this kind of stability and reliability, Danfoss inverters ignore voltage dips or even short-term power supply interruptions, and always maintain normal operation.

Protect equipment and operators

The integrated functional safety performance of the inverter can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, thereby saving time, cost and energy.

In demanding applications, it can be extended with VLT Safe Option MCB 150 series external modules to provide such as Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Limited Speed (SLS) and Maximum Safe Speed (SMS), and control external contacts The monitoring and unlocking functions of the device and the safety door.

Improve air handling performance

VLT HVAC Drive and VLT Refrigeration Drive have built-in intelligent logic controllers and four auto-tuning PID controllers to control the air handling function through fans, valves and dampers.

Eliminates the need for direct digital controllers for building management systems, saving valuable data points and reducing air handling costs.

VLT HVAC Drive is able to process sensor logic rules and inputs, real-time functions and time-related operations.

Therefore, JACT universal AC inverter can control various functions:

1. Balanced flow between fresh air and outlet air

2. Cascade P-PI for temperature control

3. Belt monitoring. With the help of the relationship between current and speed, the inverter can make reliable judgments on broken belts.

Insufficient air flow is detected immediately, facilitating measures to reduce costs and downtime

4. Weekend and weekday arrangements

Stable and reliable harmonic suppression

Although frequency converters can improve accuracy, save energy, and extend equipment life, they also introduce harmonic currents into the local power grid.

If not controlled, harmonic currents will affect the performance and reliability of generators and other equipment.