Control System for Construction Elevator Release

2021-10-02 12:00:50 jact_elec

Control System for Construction Elevator Release

Elevator intelligent machine is a new generation of intelligent elevator control system that integrates drive technology, control technology, network communications technology together.

It adopts variable frequency vector control technology, intelligent elevator control technology, network communication technology, and organically integrates the elevator drive, control and management, improving the products safety and reliability, the simplicity and economy of operation, personalized design,etc.

◇Comfortable user experience: output torque of 0.5Hz is 150%, ensuring stable
operation during startup and shutdown.

◇Special holding brake control logic ensures the safety and reliability of the system.
◇Reliable protection function: the basic protection function of inverter, brake resistance
protection, control power supply protection, etc.
◇Various additional functions: Chinese and English voice prompt, weighing function,
frequency conversion and other functions.
◇Friendly interactive interface: Real time monitoring of GPS / GPRS data (extension),

Automatic leveling control (Extended); LCD display (Extended).