JACT AT100 series universal AC inverter

2021-08-27 13:30:27 jact_elec

JACT AT100 series universal AC inverterJACT AT100 series inverters are universal AC inverters with powerful software functions and multiple control methods. Built-in PID, simple PLC, high output torque (15%/min).
Universal AC frequency converters are widely used in various industries such as textile, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, plastics, light industry, machinery, chemical industry, steel, papermaking and so on.

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◇Optimized structure design, saving installation space and distribution cost.

◇Independent air duct, up and down straight, efficient heat dissipation.

◇Rich hardware configuration and software function, reliable protection

◇The design ensures the reliability of the product.

◇Advanced vector motor control algorithm, high performance and high precision motor control; open loop V/F and SVC control, closed loop FVC control.

◇Low frequency and large torque: 150% at SVC 0.5 Hz; 180% at FVC 0 Hz.

◇High-power design (0.7kW-710kW), supports various motor configurations, supports multiple encoders, and can achieve high-precision closed-loop control.

◇Integrating speed control, torque control and position control, it can be widely used in synchronous and asynchronous motor control.

◇Independent air duct design, long life, high-volume cooling fan, which improves the cooling efficiency of the inverter and ensures the stable operation of the inverter.