High-performance AC inverter for spinning

2021-08-19 13:23:51 jact_elec

High-performance AC inverter for spinning

In order to improve the performance of the spinning machinery and simplify the mechanism, to overcome the problem of slipping and inaccurate transmission of the conical gear transmission belt. Based on the synchronized vector control technology and torque control technology of the international advanced technology level, Jact independently researches and develops the Special frequency converter for spinning frame.

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Advantages of high-performance spinning AC inverter:

◇No fan design, wall-mounted installation, can better meet the requirements of rotating environment.

◇It is coated with a special three-proof paint, and the internal control panel can be used in a complex environment with high temperature and humidity.

◇The cotton fiber protection design can effectively prevent dust from entering and improve the protection level of the inverter, which is suitable for harsh environments.

◇Adopt international leading technology vector control algorithm, high performance and high precision motor control. Effectively improve the EMC system, greatly reduce interference, and improve the adaptability of the system.