Precautions for inverter installation

2021-08-02 08:29:44 jact_elec

Precautions for inverter installation

Wuxi JACT Electric Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development of electric vehicles, and the production and sales of inverters. There are also professional technicians to guide the installation of the inverter.

Inverter installation

① The inverter should be installed in a place without water droplets, steam, ash, and oily dust. The site must also be free of acid and alkali corrosion, and free of flammable and explosive gases and liquids.

② The inverter will generate heat during operation. In order to ensure good heat dissipation, the inverter must be installed in a vertical direction.

Because the inverter is equipped with a cooling fan for forced air cooling, the adjacent objects and baffles must be kept sufficient. Space.

The plane installation is shown in Figure 9-2(a), and the vertical installation is shown in Figure 9-2(b).

③ When the inverter is running, the temperature near the heat sink can rise to 90°C, and the back of the inverter must use temperature-resistant materials.

④ When multiple inverters are installed in the same device or control box, in order to reduce the influence of mutual heat dissipation, it is recommended to install them side by side.

When it must be installed up and down, in order to prevent the heat from the lower part from affecting the inverter on the upper part, a partition should be installed.

If the top of the box (cabinet) body is equipped with an induced draft fan, the air volume of the induced draft fan must be greater than the sum of the air output of the inverters in the box (cabinet).

If no induced draft fan is installed, the top of the box (cabinet) body should be opened as far as possible.

When opening, the area of the inlet and outlet openings at the bottom and top of the box (cabinet) body must be greater than the sum of the area of the inverter end faces of the box (cabinet) body, and the wind resistance of the inlet and outlet openings should be as small as possible.

If you have any questions about the inverter, you can consult JACT.