What types of inverters are there?

2021-08-02 14:16:20 jact_elec

What types of inverters are there?There are many classifications of inverters according to different natures. Today, the editor of JACT will help you sort out the common inverter classifications.

1. According to the method of frequency conversion:

There are two types of inverters: AC-AC and AC-DC-AC.

AC-AC frequency converter can directly convert the power frequency AC into a current whose frequency and voltage can be controlled, also known as direct frequency converter.

AC-DC-AC inverter is to convert the power frequency alternating current into direct current through a rectifier, and then transform the direct current into alternating current with controllable frequency and voltage through the inverter, also known as an indirect inverter.

2. According to the nature of the DC power supply:

According to whether the energy storage element of the DC intermediate circuit for buffering reactive power is an inductor or a capacitor, the inverter can be divided into two categories: current type and voltage type.

3. Classified by voltage level:

There are low-voltage inverters and high-voltage inverters.

The voltage level of the low-voltage inverter is 380-460v, of which the single-phase is 220-240v, and the three-phase is 220v or 380-460V; the capacity is 0.2-280-500kw, which is generally called medium and small capacity inverter.

The voltage levels of the high-voltage inverter are 3KV/6KV and 10kv. There are high-voltage medium and small-capacity inverters and high-voltage large-capacity inverters.

4. According to the frequency conversion control method, there are the following types

① The first generation uses U/F=C control, also known as sine pulse width modulation (SPWM) control mode.

② The second generation uses voltage space vector control (flux trajectory method), also known as SVPWM control mode.

③. The third generation uses vector control (magnetic field orientation method), also known as VC control mode.

④ The fourth generation adopts direct torque control, also known as DTC control mode.

5. Classification according to different purposes:

In addition to general-purpose inverters, there are excellent performance Variable frequency converter and Industry tailored drives designed to meet the different application characteristics of various industries.

such as special inverters for subway locomotives, special inverters for electric vehicles and special inverters for rolling mills, Elevator special inverter, hoisting machinery special inverter, CQ Special frequency converter for spinning frame,tension control special inverter, fan, pump inverter,Special frequency converter for lifting,etc.