Jact produces 380V industrial AC inverter

2021-07-24 13:34:52 jact_elec

Jact produces 380V industrial AC inverterJact is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of inverters. JACT's positioning is to serve industrial equipment manufacturers.

The 380V high-performance vector industrial AC inverter produced by Jact with model AT550-T3-0R4G can also be customized for specific industries.

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Advantages of Jact380V industrial AC inverter:

1. Advanced vector motor control algorithm, high performance, high precision motor control; open loop V/F and SVC control, closed loop FVC control.

2. Low frequency and high torque: 150% at SVC 0.5 Hz; 180% at FVC 0 Hz.

3. High-power design (0.7kW-710kW), supports various motor configurations, supports multiple encoders, and can achieve high-precision closed-loop control.

4. It integrates speed control, torque control and position control, and can be widely used in synchronous and asynchronous motor control.

5. Independent air duct design, long life, large air volume cooling fan, which improves the cooling efficiency of the inverter and ensures the stable operation of the inverter.