Advantages of special frequency converter system for lifting

2019-12-02 14:00:52 jact_elec

The special frequency converter for lifting refers to a motor control device used for frequency conversion and energy saving of the hoist to achieve motor protection. It can make the current of the motor start up and load smoothly without any impact; it can realize the soft stop of the motor, avoid the harm caused by the current, and help to extend the service life of the equipment.

Advantages of special frequency converter system for lifting

1. Soft start and soft stop. The mechanical shock is reduced, and the impact current to the grid is very small when starting and accelerating gear shifting, making the lifting system and grid operation more stable and reliable. The function provided by the inverter itself organically combines the mechanical brake and the electric brake to ensure the system It's absolutely safe.                        MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

2. Use plc for peripheral control. It and various sensors form a closed-loop control (open-loop control can also be used), and a friendly man-machine interface constantly monitors the operation of the system, which simplifies the system composition and reduces the intensity of manual labor.
3. Stepless speed regulation is realized. The speed range is wide, and the running curve is s-shaped, so that the acceleration/deceleration is smooth, and there is no shock.
4. Complete safety protection functions. The enclosure has a protection level of ip54. In addition to general overcurrent, DC overvoltage, DC undervoltage, inverter overtemperature, short circuit, input phase loss, ambient temperature, and overfrequency, the inverter also has a programmable fault protection function and control panel signal loss , External fault function, motor overheating protection, stall protection, underload function, motor phase loss function, ground fault protection, communication fault protection.
5. The system runs in 4 quadrants. The energy is directly fed back to the grid, and is not limited by the size of the feedback energy, which ensures that the hoist can be frequently stopped, started and reversed during operation, saving a lot of electric energy.

6. High control precision and good dynamic performance. The all-digital, igbt inverter variable frequency unit is used to provide variable frequency power to the load, so that all control functions are completed by parameter settings. Direct torque control can realize speed control and torque control with high dynamic performance. The use of the rotary pulse encoder can realize the precise positioning of the hoist.

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